Tour Lock Opti-Vibe

Tour Lock Opti-Vibe is a revolutionary weighting technology that allows every golfer to fine tune, personalize and enhance the performance of any golf club. Back-weighting a golf club has been around as long as people started using a grip on a golf club. The grip in essence is a back-weight. Tour Lock has taken this to the next level by making it simple, interchangeable and affordable for every golfer.

How Tour Lock Opti-Vibe Works:

Internal weights are inserted in the shaft and then locked inside the shaft. The overall weight of the club increases by a factor of the chosen internal weight. The advantage of the Tour Lock Opti-Vibe system is that swing weight and MOI can be adjusted by simply moving the weight up or down inside the shaft. This allows an individual to make their club feel head heavy or head light depending on their preferences. The Center of Gravity of the weights can be positioned very accurately and then locked into position using a patent pending compression seal.

Benefits of Tour Lock Opti-Vibe:

  • Enhanced Stability: by adding weight in locations which raise club balance and enhance stability, the club will swing or stroke on a more predictable path.
  • Enhanced Feel Control: by manipulating the internal weight position it is easier to optimize the total weight and balance point of the club resulting in more control.