Putter Fitting & Coaching

At Gott Golf, we believe great putting skills make all the difference, and we provide clients with the best fitting technology on the market. Consider:

  • Most golfers think the best way to improve their score is to hit the ball farther. In reality, the best way to improve your score is to hit fewer shots! Understanding the mechanics of a putt and improving your putting skills can literally change your game.
  • Gott Golf Putter Coaching: In the studio we have advanced camera technology that helps us to measure all the important aspects of a putting stroke.
  • Using camera technology, we are able make adjustments to the putter and to the golfer’s putting stroke to optimize performance on the green.
  • We measure progress over time to make further adjustments. With practice, this has been a proven technique for actually shaving strokes off golfers’ games – even for professionals!
  • Putter Coaching is an important aspect to mastering the game of golf for players of all levels. This is an area where students can focus with our help.

The Gott Golf Putting Studio

Quintic Ball Roll Software

Quintic Ball Roll v2.4 software is capable of analyzing up to 260 frames per second, automatically recognizing markers on the golf ball, and instantly producing fully digitized analysis of each putt BEFORE the ball has even reached the hole. The software tracks the ball for the first 30cm and then instantly and clearly shows the ball speed, sidespin (cut or hook), angular rotation (degrees & RPM), vertical bounce, launch angle and point at which true roll occurs.