Custom Club Building @ The Gott Golf Tour Van

golf-digest-100-best-clubfittersThe Gott Golf Tour Van offers a unique “tour” experience to our customers. This 45-foot air-conditioned rolling workshop allows us to do "almost anything" to a golf club. The Tour Van contains all we need to customize everything from putters to drivers. Come and be treated like a PGA Tour player!

All repairs and re-gripping right on board:

By utilizing quick setting epoxy we are able to build custom clubs on the spot and send our clients on the course with them in a matter of minutes. Adjusting loft and lie on putters and irons takes only a few minutes and yields marked results. Re-shafting and re-gripping are easily done, as well as club evaluation, shaft extraction and insertion and swing-weight adjustments.

Custom grinding:

We also offer custom grinding for irons and wedges. Do you have a wedge that is just not interacting correctly with the turf? A sand wedge that just doesn’t work well? Let us talk with you about the advantages of custom grinds.