Flightscope Launch Monitor Fitting

At Gott Golf, we use a FlightScope X2 3D Doppler Radar launch monitor system for fitting. FlightScope X2 is the world’s first completely wireless, battery-operated, 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf. The X2 is known for its unmatched accuracy, affordability, and revolutionary apps. Side-by-side video and club or ball data comparison is available on the VX2 app and fully customizable assessments in the X2 Skills app for player benchmarking.

The secret of FlightScope’s 3D ball tracking success lies in the patented phased array tracking technology that is used in the device. The two main technological aspects of the FlightScope 3D motion tracking device are its radar technology (very similar to that which is used in the military), and its advanced industrial electronics.

So...what does this mean for you?

You'll have an unparalleled level of ball measurement and ball tracking. FlightScope’s 3D ball tracking devices & golf radars measure a number of variables related to golf balls, including:

Real time tracking • Ball speed • Vertical & Horizontal launch angles • Sidespin • Backspin

3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball measurement, they also help with golf swing analysis by measuring variables related the golf club, such as:

Club head speed • Club vertical attack angle • Club horizontal attack angle • Club face angle

The ball’s trajectory after it has been launched is also measured, which means you have exceptionally comprehensive ball measurement information instantly available, aiding you in your ongoing quest to improve your golf swing.

Watch the Video to Learn More: